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At U.S. Tax Help, we offer a robust and secure client portal to permit secure communication and exchange of documents. While many of our clients are happy to use the secure client portal solution that U.S. Tax Help offers in partnership with Smart Vault, other individuals want to know more information before they submit sensitive documents.

To start, the firm’s partner and client portal solution provider are a trusted and stable company. Smart Vault has provided this service to accountants and other professionals since 2008. While 2008 may seem fairly recent, online technology has evolved rapidly over the past decade. A company able to navigate those turbulent technological and financial times is a company that you can trust to be there to protect your data not only today, but also tomorrow.

Your Data Is Encrypted and Stored in a Secured Data Center

All client data submitted through the web portal is fully encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL technology essentially scrambles the data you send over the Internet by utilizing a secured link between you and the data center. SSL security means that hackers and scammers cannot intercept and read your communications.

Some more technical readers may wonder what happens to the data once it reaches the data center. At the CyrusOne, in Houston, Texas both physical and technological security measures are in place to protect your data. As for physical security measures, the company utilizes physical barriers, video surveillance, and a professional security staff as part of its efforts to protect your data. Furthermore, all data, including backups, is also encrypted. In fact, All documents stored in the Smart Vault data center are encrypted using AES-256. AES-256 is essentially unbreakable encryption based on current and foreseeable computing power.

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Smart Vault is PCI, FINRA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Complaint

As such, the client portal used by U.S. Tax Help is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). This is the level of security used by major credit card companies to secure their data. As such, your data should be secure and you should not worry that it will be intercepted or downloaded without your permission.

Furthermore, while Smart Vault is not a financial institution, the company has implemented financial industry grade security processes and procedures that make it a GLBA compliant solution. Client portal features that are required to achieve this high level of security include:

  • SSAE 16 Data Center – SSAE 16 data centers are highly secured facilities where your data is guarded around the clock by an array of security measures.
  • Encryption of all data – Data is always encrypted using state of the art encryption technology. Data is encrypted when it is being transferred and when it is at rest being stored.
  • Robust privacy policy – We recognize that your data is your property. Therefore, U.S. Tax Help selected a client portal partner with a robust privacy policy that promises to never sell, rent, or share your personal data.
  • Access via authenticated logins – All activity requires the user to log-in to his or her password-secured
  • Activity logs and granular access – The system has the ability to grant specific levels of access to only certain files. Furthermore, all actions on the system are fully logged so there is a record of all activity.

The Smart Vault client portal is also FINRA compliant under Regulation 4370 (c)(1). Essentially, when you work with us, you will use the same technologies major banks, credit card companies, and financial institutions use to secure their data.

What Is My Role in Protecting My Account?

It is important to note that every person plays a key role in securing their account and this responsibility should not be taken lightly. Like one protects paper financial records, every user of a client portal has certain personal responsibilities to secure their account. This includes selecting a robust password and keeping that password a secret. Furthermore, users should use a unique password so that security breaches at less secure sites cannot be used to gain access to your account. Essentially, if you have any doubt about providing your credentials to a third-party, do not do it. Smart Vault employees will NEVER ask for your password.

At U.S. Tax Help, we offer our client portal because we believe that it is the most effective way to communicate with our clients and protect their sensitive documents and submissions. While the system is also extremely convenient, our foremost concern in selecting this solution is the security and integrity of your data. If you have any further questions regarding the safety, security, or usage of an online client portal, simply call U.S. Tax Help at 1-800-810-9312 to discuss how you can make the client portal work for you.

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