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The United States is one of a handful of countries that vigorously pursues taxpayers worldwide. Don’t expect to avoid paying US taxes by living overseas. Get started with a no cost review of your situation.

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U.S. Citizens and Residents Abroad

U.S. Citizens and Residents Abroad

Your US tax liability remains even if you earn money and pay taxes in another country. You need a CPA experienced with international tax issues to help with your associated filing and disclosure requirements.
Foreign Individuals Visiting the US

Foreign Individuals Visiting the US

Did you have US source income while visiting the United States? You may have complicated tax filing and disclosure requirements despite your immigration status and residency that need to be considered.
Foreign Investors in US Real Estate

Foreign Investors in US Real Estate

US real estate investments can help non-resident aliens diversify, strengthen, and re-balance their investment portfolios, but come with complex US income tax reporting and disclosure requirements.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers

Can’t get a social security number (SSN), but need an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) to file tax forms? As an “Acceptance Agent” contracted by the Internal Revenue Service, I can assist with the ITIN filing process.

Where Does the IRS Target Expats?

The United States vigorously pursues taxes worldwide and a common mistake many Expats make is assuming their US tax obligations disappear once they move overseas. In fact the US maintains tax treaties with over 66 countries which exchange tax information with the IRS. The US spends over 5 billion dollars a year in the auditing, discovery, collections and prosecution of US citizens living or working abroad. All of this work yields more than 55 billion dollars in additional tax revenue for the IRS. With the help of an experienced CPA you can lower your tax, minimize or eliminate certain interest and penalties, and avoid tax liens and levies by acting now. Don’t wait! The IRS dedicates significant resources to collect taxes in the following countries. A full list can be found here
US Taxes for UK Residents

United Kingdom

An existing tax treaty between the United States and the United Kingdom influences your US tax return in nearly all facets, including your income reporting and retirement plans. Unraveling the complexities of these co-mingled tax systems requires the services of an experienced CPA. I have experience in dealing with these tax matters proactively or after the fact.

US Taxes for Expats in Canada


Canadian residents with US filing requirements often run afoul of the IRS when preparing a US tax return thanks to Canadian registered retirement plans. If you have a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), I need to speak with you about navigating the intricate reporting requirements to satisfy the demands of Canada as well as US tax authorities.

Saudi Arabia tax help

Saudi Arabia

The US considers Saudi Arabia a combat zone for military personnel and qualified civilians. Tax reporting for individuals working there requires specialized knowledge. Make sure you receive proper benefits for putting your life at risk. I’m a CPA with experience in combat zone designations, hypothetical tax, and tax equalization. I’ve lived and worked in Saudi Arabia and have a keen insight into these issues.

Expats in Mexico


The tax system in Mexico changed dramatically in 2014 increasing your maximum tax rate as an individual to as much as 35 percent. Your personal deduction allowances also changed along with stepped-up enforcement of foreign account disclosures to the US Treasury. These requirements sound daunting, but you have help. Let’s go over the new tax rules together.

US Taxes in China


Educators, including teachers and professors, working in China often run into tax-related issues due to US income disclosure requirements. New mandates by the IRS make these types of filings tricky, but I have in-depth experience guiding educators through these hurdles, including declaring wages tax exempt under Treaty Based Return Position Disclosure (Form 8833).

US expat taxes


Workers as well as retirees with Swiss bank accounts, including retirement funds, may have unique US tax reporting due to recent changes in disclosures led by the IRS. Due to the complex nature of Swiss Social Security and its various branches, successfully meeting all domestic and international requirements for tax filings is difficult without an experienced CPA working with you. US taxpayers working or retired in Switzerland with Swiss bank accounts and retirement funds may have unique US tax reporting tax and disclosure requirements. Due to the complex nature of the Swiss tax and retirement system, successfully meeting all US and international requirements for tax filings is difficult without an experienced CPA working with you.


Ted handles both my personal and corporate financial issues. I’ve come to trust Ted implicitly because his advice is always fast, friendly, direct, saves me a ton of money, and keeps me out of jail! Of the many accountants I’ve worked with in the past, he is by far the most effective and the easiest to work with. Kudos! Lisa Nelson

Client since 2000 and author of Moving from the US to the UK

I was pleasantly surprised when Ted returned my call within 15 minutes of leaving him a message. He spent over an hour with me (on an international call!) explaining some of the nuances of US-UK tax treatment in general, as well as discussing my situation specifically – and this was even before I had engaged him as an advisor! Ritesh S. Doshi

London , UK

Ted was excellent. I had two questions, a longer one concerning a foreign tax credit and a second one concerning the Alternative Minimum Tax. He asked me to fax him my return the day before the phone call. When we discussed my questions, it became clear that he had already read my return carefully and even done some putative calculations. Florian H.

Seattle, WA

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I do not take on consulting clients for less than $975.00. However, if our initial call lasts for less than 2 hours, you can use the remaining time for questions you may have in the future or apply the balance towards tax preparation services. I charge in 15 minute increments. I require that the $875.00 be paid in advance. I’ll send you an E-Invoice to pay the retainer from a US account via bank debit after I receive your introductory email and brief fact pattern. If you would like to schedule a call, please send me an email suggesting a time and also make the $975.00 payment or call (541) 923-0903 If you decide to proceed with a professional relationship I would prefer to review documents prior to the consultation.